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What's all the talk about new laws allowing dirt bikes to be plated in Washington State?

Washington State just passed a new bill allowing virtually any dirt bike to be plated. Check out Washington State Bill 5800. Let's hope the rest of the states follow suit soon!

Click the links below to learn more about Washington State Bill 5800:

I just installed LED turn signals on my bike and they are flashing irregularly. How do I fix this?

LEDs have a smaller amount of electrical draw than stock lights. If you are only putting one set of LED turn signals on, they will work fine, but if you are installing two sets of LED turn signals (front & rear), you will need and IC Relay switch to regulate the power. The IC Relay switch can be found at the bottom of our Turn Signals page.

I see that your site has PayPal, but I don't want to join Paypal to make a purchase. Can I just use my credit card?

Absolutely. You do not have to be a PayPal member or even sign up for PayPal to make a purchase at Doctor Enduro. If you don't want to use PayPay, just select the "pay with credit card" option. Either way, your purchase is protected with SSI so no credit card information is stored on our site. We take your privacy seriously.

Will my bike need a stator rewind?

If your bike did not come stock with a head light or tail light, you will likely need a stator rewind or replacement. Not a big deal, but another step. Doctor Enduro offers several stators to help you find the power you need. Check out our STATORS & FLYWHEELS page to find the best one for your bike.

What components are required for dual register in my state?

Here's a link to a per state on-highway equipment chart developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

How do I know which light kit is best for my bike?

Every bike model is unique. A light kit that works perfect on a WR may not work at all on an EXC. At Doctor Enduro we offer a range of light kit choices and specialize in providing you with the perfect kit specific to your bike, terrain, & riding style. Don't be fooled by price point "Universal" kits that fit any bike. All Doctor Enduro kits are built from top quality components with factory connectors and all the necessary hardware.

Why should I add an enduro light kit to my dirt bike?

Discover the fun of evening trail rides with your friends. Take multi-day trips and never worry about getting caught on a trail after dark.

Why should I dual register my dirt bike?

A lot of folks need to use streets to get to the off-road trails they ride. The most common reason we hear lately has to do with gas prices. If you have a vehicle that gets 40+ MPG, why not use it for around town errands? The biggest reason probably is: dual registration just lets you ride. Any time. Any place.

What exactly does Doctor Enduro supply?

In addition to quality lights and enduro equipment, our kits include all the DMV forms needed to dual register your vintage or enduro motorcycle (CA). We also supply you with a detailed list of exactly what the CHP looks for on a highway safe motorcycle so you'll have no surprises.

Does Doctor Enduro guarantee that my bike will be dual registered?

No. Sorry. With the DMV, it always pays off to be prepared with all the right papers, be honest, and be patient. We supply a dual sport light kit that will get you legal Light Certification in most states. We also supply all the paperwork required for dual registration, but the process is all up to you. No guarantee, but if you're prepared and your bike has the correct VIN and emission decals, you'll have a great shot at getting dual registered in most states.

Can every dirt bike be dual registered?

Not all dirt bikes can be plated in all states. For instance, in California it's pretty much impossible now to plate a late model 2-stroke or Red Sticker dirt bike. If the VIN or emission decal is not satisfactory to the DMV agent that inspects your bike, they most likely won't hand you a plate. Many of these folks opt to register their bikes at another location or even out of state.

Does it matter if my bike has an OHV Green Sticker or Red Sticker?

Yes. If you have a late model Red Sticker dirt bike, plating in California is pretty much impossible. If you have a Green Sticker dirt bike, your odds are much better. Most people who have successfully plated their Green Sticker bikes agree that it all depends upon your VIN#, how prepared you are, your emissions decals, and the DMV agent. Your first steps are to install a dual sport light kit, get legal Light Certification, and get all the correct forms and certified documents in order.

Does Doctor Enduro offer a refund if I am unsuccessful at getting my bike dual registered?

No. Sorry. We'll gladly supply you with all the equipment and information you need to get your vintage or enduro cycle registered, but your success is up to you. We don't want you to waste your cash though. We purposely keep our light kits priced as low as possible to minimize your risk. Our light kits can be equally advantageous on the trails as on the streets.

Will Doctor Enduro dual register my bike for me?

Sorry. We'll supply you with everything you need for legal Light Certification, but we do not service clients motorcycles.

Does it matter what year my bike is?

Absolutely. Different on and off-road rules have been created over the years. If you have a vintage (1977 or older) motorcycle, you're good to go in CA. Just make sure your have the right light kit and correct paperwork in order before you hit the DMV. Doctor Enduro has several vintage bike light kits in stock.

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