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Doctor Enduro - Dual Sport Enduro V1 Steering Stabilizers The V1: The original design. Well, close to it. It retains approximately the same shape as the innovatve original, but the internals and adjustments, sensitivity, and sweep breaks have all been fine-tuned over the years. The end result is a steering damper that is very reliable, durable, rebuildable, and, best of all, affordable. This steering damper has won hundreds of racing championships around the world.

Standard Bar kit ($425) / Fat Bar kit ($450) / Pro Kit ($595)
The V2: The original patented "under-bar" design for dirt bike use. This is the evolution of taking our proven V1 steering damper and locating it under the handlebars. Mounting the damper unit under the bars allows for addition room on the top cross-bar or bar mounts. Depending on if you use a cross bar or not, this area can accommodate a bar pad, GPS system or additional lighting. The V2 setup is a good choice for the weekend warrior to the race professional that would like to raise the handlebar height. Perfect for desert and off road.

Fat Bar kit ($550) / Pro Kit ($695)
Doctor Enduro - Dual Sport Enduro V2 Steering Stabilizer
Doctor Enduro - Dual Sport Enduro V3 Steering Stabilizer The V3: Remote Adjustment Damping. We've taken the fluid control out of the body and wrapped it around the handlebars. This unit is extremely durable and has been designed and made to be brutalized. Dirt bikes/Supermoto bikes go down and the remote adjuster is designed to take it! Top quality stainless steel braided hoses connect the adjuster to the damper body. No plastic here.

Fat Bar kit ($550) / Pro Kit ($695)
The V4: This design is the evolution of the V3 without the remote adjustment and hoses. Racers wanted that slim under-bar mount without the extras. We moved the adjustment dial to the left side and created a dial that was as small as possible, but still easy to use. All machined from billet stock, anodized, and laser engraved. Smaller, lighter, faster, it is an instant hit with the pro off-road racers.

Fat Bar kit ($495) / Pro Kit ($645)
Doctor Enduro - Dual Sport Enduro V4 Steering Stabilizer
Dual Sport Enduro Steering Stabilizer Fit Kits Fit Kits: We now have "Fit Kits" (mount, post, and new hardware) so you can interchange your existing stabilizer between bikes. Fit Kits are available in both top-mount and under-bar mount styles for most bikes. Contact us to find out which kit is best for your bike.

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