Doctor Enduro - Dual Sport Race Lights

Dual 8 Race Light kit (available in HID or Halogen)

The Premier Lighting System for High Speed Night Racing
Each Dual 8 Race Light kit comes with two high quality glass lenses & reflectors (one driving, one spot) with computer designed optics optimized for a motorcycle's suspension travel. Anodized aluminum outter rings & quick adjust knobs provide great strength, functionality, light weight, & a modern look. Powdercoated chromoly frame with anodized aluminum receivers. O-ring sealed, high-impact nylon back housings that are both rugged and waterproof. Quality light-weight Osram Generation-5 HID electronics are used. Universal quick-release mounting system allows the light to be transferred easily between multiple bikes.

Dual 8 Race Light kitDual 8 Race Light kitDual 8 Race Light kit

Dual 8 HID E-start #B-61-0013 $874.95
Dual 8 HID kick-start #B-61-0012 $994.95
Dual 8 Halogen #B-61-0006 $445.95
Wiring Harness (see kick-start notes) #B-61-1048 $24.95
Wiring Harness (see E-start notes) #B-61-1050 $39.95
Toggle switch (see kick-start notes) #B-12-9008 $22.95
Handlebar switch (see E-start notes) #B-12-9006 $21.95
Rectifier/Regulator (see notes) #B-12-2004 $39.95
AC Regulator (see kick-start notes) #B-12-2008 $24.95
Articulated frame mount (for XR650R) #B-61-0050 $500.00
Articulated frame mount (for CRF450X) #B-61-0055 $500.00

Kit Notes:
Dual HID System Notes - Important Please Read:Dual HID requires a DC charging system (rectifier/regulator & battery) and a stator capable of 150W to function properly. If you're not sure of your bike's stator output, please contact us prior to ordering. We must know the year, make, & model of bike the light will be going on when ordering. For stock kick-start only bikes, order parts #B-61-0012 (racelight), #B-61-1048 (wiring harness), and 2 of part #B-12-9008 (toggle switches). The light will come set up with a compact, pre-wired charging system mounted on the frame, a bike specific wiring harness, and triple-sealed toggle switches. For kick-start only bikes with a Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit previously installed (except quick-release & EZ mount kits), order part #B-61-0013. The charging system & switch originally included with the Dual Sport Kit can be utilized. No separate switch & wiring kit is required. For electric-start bikes, order part #B-61-0013. Some electric-start bikes require the stator to be modified or rewound as well as the addition of a new rectifier/regulator to run HID. Refer to the Illumination Information which includes most popular electric-start models. If your bike requires a new rectifier/regulator please order part #B-12-2004 with your racelight and the correct rectifier/regulator for your bike will be included (please provide year/make/model of bike.) Detailed stator modification instructions & hardware is included for all bikes that require a stator modification to run HID. If your bike requires the stator to be rewound (such as CRF250X & 450X's), please contact us to have this service performed. Please see the Stator Applications Chart for more details. Electric-start bikes without stock headlight switches should purchase the Switch and Wiring Kit part #B-61-1050 and either 2 toggle switches (#B-12-9008) mounted on the light frame, or 2 handlebar mounted switces (#B-12-9006) for a true bolt-on, plug-in installation. On HID versions, the electronic components are housed and pre-wired inside the waterproof back housing. Halogen versions use 55 or 100 watt premium H1 bulbs (depending on application.)

Halogen System Notes - Important Please Read:Our Dual Halogen racelight (part #B-61-0006) can be run on either AC directly from a stator or DC from a charging system. The bulb size (wattage) we supply in the racelight is determined by your motorcycle's stator output. If you're not sure of your bike's stator output, please refer to our Stator Application Chart prior to ordering. We must know the year, make, & model of bike the light will be going on when ordering. Kick-start only bikes that do not come stock with factory lighting may need to purchase a Wired AC Regulator (part #B-12-2008) in addition to the racelight. If so, it will come pre-wired and mounted. See our Illumination Information to determine if this is necessary for your bike. Kick-start only bikes that came stock with factory lighting can typically utilize the factory AC regulator. Some applications, such as a Honda XR650R require an additional AC regulator (part #B-12-2008) and wiring harness (part #B-61-1048.) Electric-start bikes do not require a separate AC regulator however, because stator outputs vary greatly from bike to bike, we highly recommend contacting us to confirm this product is right for your bike prior to ordering.

For electric start bikes only. Most late model electric start bikes will require a stator rewind and a regulator replacement to successfully power these lights. Consult the Illumination Information before ordering to see what your bike needs to run this set-up.

Part #B-61-0013 comes with Double light frame made of 1/2" Chromoly-Steel alloy. Complete mounting kit with receiver brackets and rubber isolated clamps. Works on all size forks. Generation 5 HID bulb and ballast. All HID components are mounted internally and protected by a strong nylon backing. Clear Lexan rock guards. Switches and wiring harness sold separately.

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