Dual Sport Enduro Motorcycle Stryker LED Lights
  • Lifetime Warranty
    We are so confidendent in our construction standards that we will warranty the light head for as long as you own it. The battery comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • 700 Lumen High Output
    Cree LEDs that are custom sorted for us to ensure optimal color temperature and maximum brightness.

  • Waterproof To 33 FT
    Silicon O-rings and seals, stainless steel hardware and custom over-molded connectors ensure you won't get left in the dark no matter what the conditions are like.

  • Long Battery Life
    3, 6, 12, or 30 hours depending on light mode.

  • LI-ION Batteries
    The most current technology with an integrated charge management controller to give you the run time you need. Battery is also waterproof to 33ft.

  • Battery Level Indicator
    Very visible glow is green down to 1.5 hours then flashes green to 30 minutes, then yellow to 10 minutes then flashing red. Automatically recalibrates if light level is changed.

  • Lightweight
    Entire system is only 520 grams.
  • 4 Light Modes
    High, Med, Low and Stroke

  • Closed Loop Microprocessor
    Proper heat management is crucial to preserve the life of High Output LEDs. Built in temperature monitoring means that the slightest airflow maximizes brightness and that the light automatically dims when stationary.

  • Innovative Mounting System
    No tools required, no bulky clamps to clutter your ride during the day. Fully adjustable in pitch and yaw.

  • Simple, Solid Battery Mount
    No tools required, easy on/off.

  • 5700 Color Temperature
    "Warmer Color" to preserve depth perception and ease eye strain.

  • Oversized Optics
    Provides greater lighting efficency for incredible light output. Our textured reflectors have been developed to put the light exactly where you need it.

  • 2 Optics Included
    Interchangeable spot and wide pattern so you always have the best light for the type of terrain you are riding.

  • High Quality Construction
    Full Mil Spec and Dive standards throughout.

Complete Adventure Kit includes:

Stryker light, bar mount kit, rubber adaptor for 1 fat bars, 2nd optic, extension cable, battery, & charger.
Complete Adventure Kit #B-63-0010 $295.95
Stryker base light #B-63-0014 $189.95
Stryker lens & rubber pad #B-63-0030 $12.95
Bar mount kit #B-63-0018 $12.95
Helmet mount kit #B-63-0022 $16.95
Stryker Battery kit #B-63-0024 $109.95
Stryker Cord #B-63-0028 $12.95
Stryker Charger #B-63-0026 $19.95
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