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Yamaha LowPro Dual Sport Kit

This is the LowPro self contained wiring kit. The power source for this kit is completely self contained (using 8 AA batteries), so there is no need to cut into your bikes stock wiring harness. The LowPro kit features light weight components, a complete concealed wiring harness set, high & low beam headlight controls, durable H20-resistent front flex-mount flasher lights, low-profile flush-mount rear flasher lights, LED tail/brake light , MX rear fender, hydraulic oil pressure brake light switch, folding off-road mirror, IC horn assembly, anatomically fit handlebar switch system, durable license plate holder, and wiring diagram. DMV and CHP forms are included in this kit for dual registering your enduro or vintage bike (CA).

* Dual filament headight bulb available if not in stock headset.
* If your bike has a drum style rear brake, a spring loaded component is required.

All Yamaha models with stock headlight #D-003
Dual filament bulb option

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