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Doctor Enduro - Yamaha Dual Sport Kits Doctor Enduro - Yamaha Dual Sport Kits

The Baja Plus kit offers complete bolt-on, plug-in Dual Sport lighting to fit almost any late model Yamaha. Thanks to our personal & high-volume relationship with our friends at Baja Designs, we are able to customize their standard kits and pass the price breaks they give us on to you. The Baja Plus Dual Sport kit features:

Quick Release: multi-pin connectors in the wiring harness at the front of the bike and under the seat. This means that once installed, removal and reinstallation of the kit can be accomplished in just a few minutes without having to identify any individual wires. This feature is great for dual sport bikes that get raced off-road or used for motocross. Simply unbolt and unplug the “dual sport fender” and the “dual sport headlight” then install the stock fender and front number plate in their place.

Easy Installation: All front accessories (headlight, turn signals, horn, flasher relay, etc.) are pre-attached and pre-wired eliminating the need to identify and connect most individual wires. On kickstart models, these accessories include a small NiCad battery & rectifier/regulator.

Turn Signal Options: All dual sport kits come standard with DOT approved flexible turn signals. If you’re looking for a different look or your state does not require the DOT stamp, you can upgrade to any one of the many LED flashers we have available for an additional charge.

Quality: This Dual Sport Kit includes a Halogen Headlight, rugged flexible turn signals, and a modern looking vibration-resistant LED tail light. The provided OEM style handlebar switch assembly features a push-to-cancel turn signal button and integrated high-beam indicator.

This very complete Dual Sport kit includes a Halogen headset in blue plastic with glass lens, H4 high/low bulb, mounting straps, bike specific wiring harness with waterproof connectors. No cutting, crimping or soldering required for installation. Also included are the LED tail/brake light fender, Nissin hydraulic brake switch, compact handlebar-mounted high/low/off switch with optional ignition kill function, pre-wired AC voltage regulator (when required) all the necessary hardware, and detailed installation instructions. Must have K2 or K3 ignition stator installed to run this kit.

All bajaPLUS kits now include Keyed Kill Switch built into kit.

TTR125 kickstart Add to Cart ($509.95) * requires stator rewind ($150)
TTR125 electric start Add to Cart ($459.95)
TTR225 Add to Cart ($459.95)
TTR230 Add to Cart ($459.95) * requires stator rewind ($150)
TTR250 Add to Cart ($459.95)
IT/TT (2-stroke all) Add to Cart ($509.95)
’89-’97 WR250 (2-stroke) Add to Cart ($509.95)
’98-’02 WR250/400/426F Add to Cart ($509.95)
* requires YZF rear fender
’98-’02 YZ250/400/426 Add to Cart ($509.95)
* requires aftermarket stator
’03-’06 WR250/450F Add to Cart ($459.95)
* requires stator modification (can be done by installer)
’07 WR250/450F Add to Cart ($459.95)
* requires stator modification (can be done by installer)
YZ125/250 (2-stroke) Add to Cart ($509.95)
* requires aftermarket stator
’03-’05 YZ450F Add to Cart ($509.95)
* requires aftermarket stator
LED Turn Signal Upgrade

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